Transform your socio-environmental impact into brand value!

Traceability and communication solution of socio-environmental impact to customers

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It compensate, yes!

Offset your carbon footprint simply, transparently and with traceable Blockchain technology

Do you have a carbon project? Contact us to tokenize and track your credits transparently!

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Improve your reputation

Transparency is valued and builds trust and reputation.

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Build customer loyalty

Customers value purposeful companies.

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Sell more and better

ESG is indeed one of the top buying factors.

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Customize your ESG reporting reference for clients

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Record and connect your socio-environmental impact

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Collect evidence from the chain to build trust

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Connect with your channels to show your impact

Have you ever wondered why your social and environmental impact is not perceived by customers

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With eumostro you

connect your impact with retail

Your profile

Your profile on eumostro is your brand’s ESG reporting benchmark for customers and consumers. In it you show your purpose, impact stories, connect them with indicators, products and much more. Make eumostro your reference for communicating and reporting ESG to clients.

Show impact

With stories you show all the positive social and environmental impact of your value chain. Connect the stories with SDGs, Global Compact principles and causes you support. Create a storytelling that gives you credibility and evidence of impact so that your client understands your purpose.

ESG indicators

Show your commitment to sustainability through ESG indicators. Connect impact stories with them and show, in practice, that your actions are not just on paper. Indicators (environmental, social and governance) are linked to the SDGs so that their impact is better perceived.


Deliver more transparency and impact of your retail products. In addition to showing their composition, certifications, awards, you can also connect them with the impact of the value chain. Build value for your customers by showing what is behind the label.


Connect your services to the social and environmental impact that they promote in the value chain. Show the impact stories and evidence that will make your work more and more valued by clients. Build your portfolio that will support new sales, in addition to retaining your current customers, is behind the label.


eumostro developed its Blockchain network based on the Hyperledger Fabric framework. This means that you use one of the best technologies for security protocol on the market. For the tokenization of environmental assets (carbon credit) eumostro combines the emulated ERC-721 (NFT) and ERC-20 (token) protocols to deliver more security in the creation, transfer and compensation of assets .


Mostre a origem dos seus produtos por meio do registro de rastreabilidade com a segurança blockchain. Registre eventos de entrada e recebimento de insumos e produção (árvore de pedidos), além de serviços terceiros. Entregue mais segurança neste processo coletando evidências dos seus fornecedores via plataforma eumostro.

Carbon credits

Deliver transparency in the creation and transfer of environmental assets (carbon credits) using all the advantages of Blockchain technology. Build your projects with all the documentation and evidence collection of your service supply chain. Tokenize credits using Blockchain technology with a combination of non-fungible – NFT (ERC-721) and fungible tokens (ERC-20).

Carbon offset

Show that you really are carbon neutral by connecting greenhouse gas emissions with your offset. Buy tokenized credits on the platform and link your offset to the zero carbon indicator. Deliver end-to-end transparency to your customers.

Deliver transparency as brand value

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Every product has a story

Connect your products’ origin and impact and show what’s behind the label.

Carbon credits

Traceability and security

Transparency in the creation, transfer and retirement of carbon credits with blockchain security.

Protect your brand reputation with eumostro

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Insurance for Reputation

With eumostro you protect your brand reputation

Show the actions, impact and positioning of your brand to customers, employees and the market before the crisis happens. Use the transparency of your ESG agenda to secure your reputation and protect your company.

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Brands on purpose are using eumostro 

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See what they say about eumostro

eumostro helps to have more transparency, control and innovation in our processes and products. We are also learning a lot about communicating our ESG practices and showing the value of our shares to the market.

Flávia Vanelli

Owner @ Estúdio Ratorói

I feel honored to be part of eumostro. I will have even more credibility in the market. I always dreamed of having the Tilapia Leather story more transparent to every corner!

Amanda Hock

Owner @ Tilápia Leather

With the eumostro platform, it became much easier to gather our pro-sustainability actions and communicate our impact, bringing transparency to our processes and visibility to our stories.

Eduardo Tremarin

Owner @ Co&Reco

Supporters and partners

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Aligned with the SDGs

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