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The eumostro makes it easy for you to communicate your ESG actions, show the journey and the impact of your product and a lot more!

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Show ESG transparency easily, no matter your size

With eumostro, you centralize and simplify your brand’s ESG communication and improve your consumer experience, from the purchase journey to post-consumption. .

Show traceability of materials with blockchain security

Here, you register the traceability of materials informing the received inputs, processing products, outsourced services and waste. We show the product’s journey in a timeline that will deliver security and credibility to your consumers, facilitate its report to certification and more!

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Innovative and committed to long-term thinking when it comes to product creation, purchase and life cycle.

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What do we help you show?

Traceability, sustainability deliveries, stories beyond the label, green marketing. All on a single platform!!

ESG actions

Present your strategies and actions transparently to your investors and the public. This is the best time to show commitment and integration between sustainability and your business. Our platform facilitates this communication!

Circular Economy

The global movement that has arrived will remain and its consumer is increasingly watching. Show how your company has always contributed to reduce, reuse (products and components), upcycling or how to return the product when there is no more use (after consumption) .

Show in practice

Consumer 4.0 is connected to many channels and when he finds you on eumostro you will know that your information and actions are not just in theory. Share photos, certificates and documents that show your actions in practice .


Communication with purpose

Real and impact stories. The market has changed and the consumer’s thinking too, for clean advertising with proven purposes and attitudes makes a difference when choosing a product by the consumer.

Origins of products

Show your consumer the origin of the products with the privacy you want. This means that you can choose to show the supplier with your location or just inform the city of origin of your inputs.


Information security

Blockchain technology opens new horizons for brand transparency, increases trust through honest, transparent communication and leverages commerce to bring about significant changes.

Packaging connection

Connect your consumer to the platform via QR-CODE on your physical products, packaging and labels. Deliver a new way for the consumer to discover the origin, journey and impact of your products.

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Beauty Industry: Transparency and Impacts Beyond the Label

We are the world’s fourth largest consumer market for beauty products and now, more than ever, ESG transparency helps show important aspects of the beauty industry, such as not using animal testing.

A new era of ESG transparency powered by the adoption of blockchain

We are entering a new era of ESG transparency and it is enhanced by the adoption of trust protocols, such as Ethereum. In this content we will explain a little about this trust protocol and how it can help brands to show more ESG transparency.

The ESG transparency platform eumostro in the fashion world | Case Dona Rufina

The ESG eumostro transparency platform is in the fashion’s world helping brands like Dona Rufina to deliver more transparency, purpose and tell stories apart from the label!

Marketing and ESG: The important positioning of the marketer within companies

Understand the importance of the marketer in this new moment of communicating ESG policies and results in a relevant and transparent way for companies.

Plan eumostro free: understand how it can help you show more ESG transparency

eumostro offers the market a free eumostro plan for organizations to show more ESG transparency in their value chain for their consumers, employees and investors. With this plan you can already do many things and, in this content, we will explain to you what you can and cannot show with it.

After all, what is ESG?

ESG considerations are wide ranging, ranging from the impact of climate change and carbon emissions, to gender equality and human rights. These are aspects that most organizations, did not give much importance (and visibility), but that today, are strategic for the positioning of any brand in the market.

The era of radical visibility and ESG transparency as a business strategy

We are in the age of radical visibility and, if you do not know what ESG transparency is and how it should be in your business strategy, it is good to pay attention. With eumostro you start to show the market and, why not, your company’s own employees, all the impact and sustainable actions involved in your value chain.

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