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I feel honored to be part of eumostro. I will have even more credibility in the market. I always dreamed of having the history of Tilapia Leather more transparent to all corners!

Amanda Hock

Owner, Tilápia Leather

eumostro helps us to have more transparency, control and innovation in our processes and products. We are also learning a lot from them how to communicate our ESG practices and show the value of our actions to the market.”

Flávia Vanelli

Owner, Ratoroi Design Circular

What do you want to show?

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Social and environmental impact

Do you know all the positive impact your brand makes and few people know about it? Eumostro helps you tell the stories beyond the label that will transform you into a “love branding”.


Use stories to tell the full positive impact of your value chain to engage customers and employees. Link the stories with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Compact (PG) principles and causes your brand believes in.


Share numbers and goals that your organization is working on on the ESG issue. Eumostro is an “ESG enabler” platform that will allow your organization to communicate indicators in a clear and simple way.

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ESG assurance

When your market needs more guarantees and security of the products and services you deliver, we help you to provide the ESG assurance you need to sell more and build customer loyalty.


Record product traceability events and show the origin to your consumers. When the consumer looks for the lot, he will find everything in a timeline. Easy to understand and value.


Use the eumostro to give assurance to the ESG services of their value chain. Record audits, field work, advice and anything else that is done with the aim of developing your company’s best social, environmental and work practices. Show transparency with the blockchain security protocol.

Your sale with impact

Show your customers everything you do behind the label

Your e-commerce with impact

The ESG transparency seal delivers security for purchasing decisions

Your onboard with impact

Show your employees the full impact of their journey in the company

Your origin with impact

Connect your product with the origin and generated impact

how do my customers find me?


Integration with the main e-commerces so that consumers can also make choices from the ESG aspect


QR-CODE label on your product packaging so that your customers understand all the positive impact your brand has

you invite

Share your profile link on your LinkTree, email or invite your customer to follow you on eumostro

user feed

The more impact stories your brand creates, the more your potential consumers identify with you

why choose eumostro?


Tell us what’s behind your label

The best way to show all the positive impact, both social and environmental, of your brand is through stories. There, you connect the impact and support the actions you are developing. Share with your employees, customers and market everything you do and they don’t even know!

Plan esg assurance

ESG assurance powered by blockchain

Raise your organization’s ESG transparency level by backing the assets and actions of your value chain. Receive confirmation from members of the chain and the market to become increasingly relevant and reliable, thus valuing your assets and brand.

How eumostro’s ESG transparent level are scored?


analyze your involvement

Receive scores for posting stories with your involvement in the SDGs, Global Compact principles and causes you believe in. The more you show, the greater your ESG transparency level.


analyze your documentation

We analyze the certifications, licenses and validity that your chain shows on the platform, acting as information verifiers. The more information you share with the market, the greater your level of transparency.


collect confirmations from the chain

We collect confirmations for sending inputs (materials) or providing services in your value chain. The more acknowledgments you receive, the greater the backlog of your actions and hence your ESG transparency score.

collect feedback from users

When your consumer or employee gives you feedback, you are being validated again by the market. We score this validation both positively and negatively to score yous ESG transparency level.

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CPR Verde and ESG compliance

CPR Verde and ESG compliance

CPR Verde and ESG compliance need to go hand in hand to enable the voluntary carbon market in Brazil. Understand how HDOM and eumostro help farmers and forest owners to deliver more confidence and positive impact to the market.

CPR Verde will guarantee delivery for carbon market

CPR Verde will guarantee delivery for carbon market

CPR Verde will guarantee delivery for voluntary carbon market, in a similar way that the well-known Rural Product Certificate (CPR) guarantees delivery of agribusiness products to the market. Understand in this post how HDOM and eumostro can help in this process.