The shopping bags developed by Estúdio RatoRói for the Concept Store Havaianas at Oscar Freire are recycled and recyclable. That means they carry more transparency and less waste to the world. And to tell this story behind its manufacture and the origin of the materials used, eumostro embarked on this action together.

Consumers arrive at the Concept Store Havaianas at Oscar Freire, access the QR Code and find everything from the origin of all the plastic used to how many people were positively impacted by the production of Shopping bags. The innovation brought to shopping bags in this way is the first that has been reported here in Brazil.

Rato’s Shopping Bag

The design of BYEPLASTIC shopping bags was based on recovering the value of discarded plastics, which in another scenario would no longer be useful, being yet another object of environmental pollution.

But in shopping bags, BYEPLASTIC becomes a project of pure style and positive value. It uses a new material, resulting from the processing of reprocessed industrial and domestic plastics, such as plastic bags and various packaging. A work in partnership with associations, cooperatives and small recyclers in Brazil that moves towards the transformation of materials and social transformation through design.

It’s totally based on a new consciousness; if we stop using virgin product to reuse it in its place, the amount of virgin plastic material used on the planet decreases. It’s a simple logic: we don’t need to produce new plastics, we need to reinsert the ones we already have back into the production chain.

It is a solid material that is difficult to decompose and instead of polluting the river, land and ocean, it can be collected somewhere and reprocessed. The leftovers from its manufacture can also be reused and processed. It is part of a new cycle, correct, conscious and that can continue to make sense to people’s lives.

The Concept Store Havaianas

The recently inaugurated Concept Store Havaianas, at Oscar Freire in São Paulo, is a Flagship that offers sensory experiences, product customization and customer service technology. In other words, this concept blends physical and digital experiences for an immersive experience, strengthening connections between consumers and the brand.

The consumer experience

Consumers access the Shopping bag’s traceability (with impact), having access to photos of inputs, their composition, product journey (with map and timeline) and the stories behind the product. It does all this without having to install anything, in other words, a simple and fast experience, ideal for those who want to know more but don’t want to waste a lot of time.

The advantages for the brand that provides an experience focused on ESG is to show the consumer its full commitment to the sustainability and social impact of its value chain. In this case, they have a strong commitment to transparency and Circular Economy, as well as all the people who participate in the value chain. The positioning and strengthening of brands promote customer loyalty and new sales.

Want to deliver a similar experience to your consumer in an understandable yet comprehensive way? Get in touch and let’s work on it together! Here at the eumostro we say that “Whoever does it, shows it!”