ESG transparency seal

Increase your sales, build loyalty and position yourself as an impact brand!


The eumostro’s ESG transparency seal communicates your brand’s position in relation to environmental (E), social (S) and corporate governance (G) issues of your value chain in a simple and intuitive way! Here, the more you show, the greater your ESG transparency level!

physical packaging

Your impact on packaging

Communicate to your consumer that your brand cares and positively impacts the value chain on ESG issues. Sell more and retain your customer for the purpose!

Enhance your customer experience by adding a QR-CODE tag that will take your customer to your Profile on eumostro. Connect the physical to the digital through ESG.


selo transparência ESG etiqueta
mostre segurança ESG no momento da decisão de compra

virtual stores

Your impact on the purchase decision

Deliver to your consumer, at the time of purchase decision, all the positive impact generated behind the label. Sell more and gain loyalty through the transformative purpose that your brand provides for members of the value chain.

employee engagement

Your impact that engages

Your collaborators onboarding will never be the same again with eumostro. Communicate all of your brand’s positive impact in one place so your employees understand how they are contributing to your entire company’s ecosystem.

mostre seu impacto aos colaboradores no onboarding

eumostro is a complete platform for your brand's ESG transparency

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How eumostro’s ESG transparent level are scored?


analyze your involvement

Receive scores for posting stories with your involvement in the SDGs, Global Compact principles and causes you believe in. The more you show, the greater your ESG transparency level.


analyze your documentation

We analyze the certifications, licenses and validity that your chain shows on the platform, acting as information verifiers. The more information you share with the market, the greater your level of transparency.


collect confirmations from the chain

We collect confirmations for sending inputs (materials) or providing services in your value chain. The more acknowledgments you receive, the greater the backlog of your actions and hence your ESG transparency score.

collect feedback from users

When your consumer or employee gives you feedback, you are being validated again by the market. We score this validation both positively and negatively to score yous ESG transparency level.