It compensate, yes!

Offset your carbon footprint simply, transparently and with traceable Blockchain technology

Do you have a carbon project? Contact us to tokenize and track your credits transparently!
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Improve your reputation

Transparency is valued and builds trust and reputation.

eumostro fideliza clientes

Build customer loyalty

Customers value purposeful companies.

eumostro venda mais e melhor

Sell more and better

ESG is indeed one of the top buying factors.

Show that you are measuring your footprint

Show that you support impact projects

Show that your support is for everyone

Show that every life matters

eumostro carbon offset seal

Carbono neutral seal

Show that you are!

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Transparency and security

Every process traced with Blockchain technology

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Calculate your carbon footprint

tokenize com nft blockchain


Tokenize your credits with Blockchain

compra ou venda tokens rastreados

Buy or sell

Buy or sell tracked carbon tokens

compense sua pegada de carbono


Offset your carbon footprint with transparency

The planet needs you now! Let’s go together on the global mission to prevent a 1.5°C rise in Earth’s temperature


eumostro is doing its part


Show a transparent process

We use Blockchain to deliver traceability and security of carbon credits


Collect and record evidence

We minimize the risk of fraud by collecting and showing evidence from project participants


Connect impact with tokens

Every token has a story of impact and we want you to know who is impacting by purchasing it


Show that you are carbon neutral

Connect your carbon footprint with offsets and show that you are truly carbon neutral


Promote carbon offsetting

Also engage your customers in this climate mission by connecting your e-commerce with our carbon footprint offset traceability API

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