We have a plan that fits in your pocket

We are migrating our Lotsapp platform to eumostro, so the news will appear little by little! 🙂

What do you get by subscribing?

There are many advantages for you and your brand to participate in this ESG transparency movement. Check out!!

More brand visibility

Show your consumers, employees and investors that your brand invests in ESG transparency, generating a positive impact for the whole society.

Loyalty and engagement

Consumers see transparency as one of the greatest qualities of brands. Create your account now and invite your consumers to follow you (it’s free !!!!).



With the material traceability package you register, organize and share your chain’s compliance with the other members in a simple and safe way.


We help with certifiers

With eumostro you facilitate the “report” to product certifiers, delivering organized and qualified information.

Improve your reputation

Potentialize all the socio-environmental impact that your brand makes by communicating more efficiently to your employees, consumers and society.

Circular Economy

Communicate more efficiently what your consumer should do with your product in post consumption. Orient in disposal, return, repair and recycling.


Get access to reports that, depending on the plan, bring relevant information from the supply chain and consumers who follow your brand.

Network effect

Invite your customers to follow and follow your ESG-related content. Get engagement, sharing and important feedback that will elevate your business.

More revenue

Sell more and better by delivering better experiences to your consumers through ESG transparency, from the purchase decision to post-consumption.

Connection on packaging

Connect your consumer to the platform via QR-CODE on your physical products, packaging and labels. Deliver a new way for the consumer to discover the origin, journey and impact of your products.

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We help you, let’s go:

How long can I use the free plan?

Forever. You can take advantage of our free unlimited time plan.

What is the advantage of subscribing to a paid plan?

There are many. You will do what the free plan does and more. You can deliver more ESG transparency.

What if I change my mind?

No problem. You can cancel your plan or delete your eumostro account at any time.

How is the migration from Lotsapp?

We will migrate our customers from the old platform (Lotsapp) to the new one gradually, without jeopardizing their work.

How much does a traceability plan cost?

It depends on your size. The higher the production, the more data you use and the higher your monthly fee. Consult us.

How many batches can I track?

It depends on the size of your plan. We divided the plan into packages with a limited number of records, so we need to understand which one best suits your objective.

Can I register my trademark and start using it?

Of couse. Register your “username” before it is used. Start showing now and invite your customers to follow you.

How many products can I show?

In the free plan only one. There are no limits on paid plans. To show means to make the product “public”, because on the brands platform you can register as many as you want.

Can I connect with my chain?

In the traceability plan, yes. If you have a free plan, you can only accept connections and not send invitations.

How will my consumer view my information?

Your consumer can follow your brand on the platform or enter your area via reading a QR-CODE or link that you send to him or print on a label affixed to the product. You (or him) choose.

Why do I use the eumostro if I already show it in other media?

Because we are a transparency platform with a focus on ESG. Here your consumer, employee and investor finds all organized information, in one place.

But what if I already have everything on my website and social media?

ESG information is “spread” across different media and competes with other content. The result is they are hard to find, appear and disappear quickly and are not tied to the product.