When you want to deliver more transparency and security in your environmental, social and corporate governance actions, you need the best way to provide ESG assurance to the market. With eumostro you can connect your value chain while collecting confirmations from your service providers. This ensures ESG traceability (assurance) and will change the level of transparency (trust) your brand delivers.

Where is ESG assurance is a must to have?

One of the clearest examples is in the development of forest carbon projects, or REDD+. These are projects that are unlikely to be developed by a single actor, thus characterizing the work of different service providers for the generation of carbon credits. In it, we have technical service providers, such as HDOM, for example, which can be in charge of collecting primary data (forest inventories and socio-environmental diagnoses), such as baseline studies or carbon stocks. The development of a descriptive project document (PDD) is also necessary.

Due to the complexity of the services, it is also necessary to include forest area maintainers, certifiers and validators, among others who could potentially be called upon to contribute. There are different actors who, inevitably, in an evolution of the current way of developing confidence in this type of projects, will need a best way to provide ESG assurance.

We can also cite companies that want (or need) to demonstrate compliance with their ESG actions. Currently, all services related to social, environmental and corporate governance aspects, such as audits, training, “in situ” checks, etc. not properly communicated to the market. This creates, in many cases, a lack of awareness of what the company is doing behind the label.

Eumostro connects the chain and collects validations

Eumostro brings an innovation to the market by connecting and collecting validations of the different services provided by the value chain in favor of the development of ESG projects. Through a technological platform, the different actors are connected and share information with each other. Service registrations and confirmations are made using blockchain technology

It is an “electronic signature” made by suppliers that, in addition to being immutably registered in the system, can be shared with the market through the stories behind the label.

Show ESG activities in the stories behind the label

All services that your company does internally or contracts with third parties can be connected with a story (as we call our “posts”). It is through them that you show the market (suppliers, consumers, employees and shareholders) everything your company does that has an impact on the value chain. How much you associate this story with an ESG assurance, in addition to telling what was done, connecting the action with your service provider. This increases transparency, trust and interaction among your brand’s ESG ecosystem.

Suppliers participating and validating their actions in the company deliver “assurance” to the operation, that is, now it is no longer just you who informs that the action happened, but other parties validate it. In practice, you create a system that is “self-regulating”, implying a reduction in certification costs, as the pairs act as validators and amplifiers of the generated impact.

Sell more and better

Eumostro’s ESG assurance will help your brand sell more and better. With more transparency and security than what you are doing behind the label, consumers will have the confidence to buy (or expand) their purchases. Differentiating the value of your asset (such as carbon credits, for example) is valued, as it manages not only to deliver the ESG assurance, but also to associate it with the impact generated (remember the connection with the stories?). Anyway, we are in the era of radical visibility and the more you show, the better for your company.

Do you like or need this innovation in your company? See our ESG ASSURANCE plan or contact us and request a demo. Be sure to use eumostro, the best way to provide ESG assurance to the market!