We are in the age of radical visibility and, if you do not know what ESG transparency is and how it should be in your business strategy, it is good to be aware.

The acronym ESG comes from “Environment, Social, Governance”, becoming recurrent in the vocabulary of executives, investors and, even, employees of large companies. It is about the incorporation of environmental sustainability practices, social inclusion and governance of the corporate universe in the brands’ value chain. ESG transparency, then, is to effectively communicate these actions to all actors, such as us, consumers, so that we know the products we consume and can thus make better choices not only for us, but for the planet.

The trend towards greater ESG transparency for brands was already consolidating before the crisis caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. So much so that Accenture, in 2018, published a study called “From me to we: The rise of the purpose-led brand” which reveals that 83% of Brazilian consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that position themselves in relation to causes aligned with their personal values and beliefs – and dispense with those that prefer to remain neutral. Probably, this data now in 2021 has already increased positively.

2021 marks the era of radical consumer visibility

The year 2021 marks the “era of radical visibility”, where technology and the media have given individuals the power to defend their opinions and beliefs on a large scale – and that power is reflected in everything. You see it, from engagement to “causes”, to growing intolerance of “fake news”.

Understanding this from now on will be fundamental to your brand strategy, as this movement is infiltrating all aspects of people’s lives, including their purchasing decisions.

To get a better idea of this, just check the increase in searches for the word “ESG” on Google Trends.

Source: https://trends.google.com.br/ (abril, 2021)

The greater the transparency, the greater the confidence

It is important to note that this transparency (or lack of) directly impacts consumer confidence and, consequently, on the brands they consume. This is revealed by the survey “In Brands WeTrust 2019”, carried out by the global public relations agency Edelman. Among the highlights, the survey points out that 91% of Brazilian consumers classify as “essential” or “decisive factor” trusting that the brand “will do what is right”, well above the world average of 81%. These numbers, by themselves, already serve as alerts for the taking of actions by the executives of any business.

And Brazilian entrepreneurs are those who most believe in the positive impact of sustainability on business. This was shown by the global survey conducted by consultancy Grant Thornton. In it, 70.8% of respondents said they think that sustainability will have a positive net financial impact on their business, while globally this index was only 47.6%.

It’s time to act and start showing

With eumostro you start to show the market and, why not, your company’s own employees, all the impact and sustainable actions involved in your value chain. The consumer, in most cases, is not aware of everything that your brand does for society and, as the data shows, it is time to change that. It is important to establish an exclusive ESG communication channel, where all the product’s source information, stories behind the label and ESG indicators are organized and available, in a simple way, to anyone who wants to check it out. The platform also relies on the blockchain trust protocol, which further helps to give credibility to the information made available to the consumer.

But, even so, you think that it is not yet time to start delivering more ESG transparency to your consumer, because there is still one thing or another missing, this is where you are wrong. For the consumer, the important thing is to get started. Nobody is perfect and neither is brand. Try to show your strengths and, in your weaknesses, improvement goals. Your consumer will like it and follow its development. The result is greater loyalty, engagement and, consequently, greater revenue. Take advantage and sign up for your free account right now and start enjoying all the benefits of ESG transparency!