How many times have you heard the comparison that companies can be compared to how the human body works? Due to the synchronous way that the “internal organs” behave within this institution so that the final product is delivered to the consumer. When we bring marketing and ESG together, ESG should be in your company’s brain.

A brief example:

The supply department is responsible for placing orders for inputs and raw materials with selected partners, but it is the purchasing sector that identifies the best opportunities for negotiations, prices, payment terms and delivery terms. If we go a little further along this chain, we will have these inputs in production, manufacturing, product launches through the marketing department… We could also mention several other departments involved.

But which of these is equivalent to the brain of the company?

According to our marketing head, Camila Karpinski, we can consider that the brain of a company can be the marketing department. Camila always says:

“Our brain has the logical side and creativity, just like what happens in the marketing department. We are taken to the logical side when we need to analyze data, process results and be objective in solving problems, but also with the side of creativity always in mind movement in actions for the consumer, many times, there is creativity for the budget x actions to be produced, creativity in the suggestions of creative pricing strategies or product distribution”

Camila Karpinski, eumostro’s head of marketing

In addition to these points, Cami also highlighted that in most companies, the marketing room is usually where people arrive, have a cup of coffee, tell how the sales are, what they are feeling about the market, but they also arrive curious to know about the new trends in these same segments.

This is where our conversation about ESG and your company’s brain must intersect

Regardless of the maturity of your ESG strategy, it is important that all points are aligned with your marketing team. We understand the importance of other sectors being involved, but we chose in this post, specifically, to show you the importance of your marketing team aligned and engaged in your ESG strategy.

Pulling this ESG strategy conversation with your marketing team is putting your company’s brain in to bring the holistic view both short and long term.

Below are 4 (of the many) reasons why you should now set up a meeting with your marketing team and discuss how you can move forward together with your company’s ESG:

They carry out market studies on how their audience sees this new scenario in relation to their concern with environmental and social issues, especially being attentive to bringing information about the criticisms of the presence or absence of these actions carried out by their company.

Quality insights so that your company’s ESG is not just a “new look”, but a commitment to the strategy as a whole. Branding, codes, policies and plans aligned in a single communication.

Endomarketing is the type of marketing that focuses on your employees, it is the part of your company that is included in your “S” of ESG. Talk to your marketing team about a plan to engage your ESG strategy primarily from your employees, as the first connection to the purpose must come from within “home”.

Growing up together, as we understand that you may not yet be very close to the topic, this can all feel like alphabet soup. But leaving the letters aside, we are talking about constant work and learning! It will be a “four-handed” construction together with your marketing department so that the results of this trajectory are tangible and begin to be recognized.

Working together with your marketing department is showing you are willing

Not just arriving at the briefing meeting and passing on your narratives, but complying with the “G” of ESG. Understand that one of the ways governance is defined is through the set of actions it adopts to strengthen the company’s culture and control of internal processes, but always maintaining your responsibility, ethics and compliance, in this way you avoid unfair practices, inappropriate postures , fraud and even corruption.

eumostro comes to help empower your company’s brain

Our ESG platform is able to help marketers in this strategy, by showing that your company’s actions are not just another beautiful story in the middle of the discourse of so many others, but a beautiful story proven through blockchain technology, insertions of social proofs like videos and photos and bookmarks.