In this content, we will present the criteria for eumostro’s ESG transparency seal. That’s why it’s important that you read very carefully and understand both the rules and the way of scoring the seal, and with that you can reach its different levels.

What is the eumostro’s seal of ESG transparency?

First of all, let’s clarify the purpose of eumostro’s ESG transparency seal. Eumostro’s ESG transparency seal, in bronze, silver and gold modalities, serves to communicate, in a simple and intuitive way, how transparent your company is positioning itself on our platform. We do not do physical audits, but rather collect and curate digital information posted on our platform.

It is important to mention that the integrity of the brand is never put to the test. Again, what we do is use technology, applying criteria from the ESG transparency seal, to score your brand’s ESG transparency level in the eumostro. Therefore, the participation of the brand is voluntary and upon subscription to our service.

Understand the rules of the ESG transparency seal

In general terms, the rules of eumostro’s ESG transparency seal are as follows:

  • The level of seals will be reviewed monthly;
  • The more you show, the higher your score;
  • Licenses and certificates can be: company ID card; environmental license; municipal permit and valid certificates;
  • All licenses posted will be validated by eumostro’s internal team;
  • Posting a “simple” story is not associating it with an indicator, project or traceability (input or service);
  • Suppliers (inputs or services) will make supply confirmations;
  • Complaints can be made by platform users, using the report button (in the stories);
  • Every report will be evaluated individually by the internal team at eumostro.
eumostro esg transparency seals carbon credit ballast security
eumostro’s ESG transparency seals

The ESG seal levels of transparency

The ESG transparency seal is classified into three levels and obtained according to the score presented:

Bronzefrom 10 to 19
Silverfrom 20 to 29
Goldfrom 30 onwards
Table with the levels of the ESG transparency seal of eumostro

The ESG seal of transparency scoring criteria

The scoring criteria for the ESG transparency seal are as follows:

Certificate or license posted and valid39
Post “simple” story28
Post story associated with indicator and/or project416
Post a story associated with a tracked service or product624
Improper history report confirmed-10-30*
Tabela com os critérios do selo de transparência ESG da eumostro

* account suspension.

To make it clearer, let’s use some examples:

A company, for each valid certificate or license (i.e., true and within the validity period) receives 3pts, and the cap to be reached in this item is 9pts. Only with that, for example, the brand cannot obtain the bronze seal. However, by posting at least one story each month the mark reaches 11pts (9pts from certifications, plus 2 points from a single post), reaching the minimum required for a bronze seal.

However, for the brand to rise to the silver level it will need to show more. You won’t only be able to post “simple” stories, but create indicators and/or projects and associate the stories with them. This is so that the company can show a greater commitment to ESG actions, especially seeking to develop indicators and projects that communicate its actions towards these three pillars.

Finally, to reach the last level of ESG transparency, the brand must present an ESG assurance, i.e., not only does it show its actions, but also its suppliers and links in the chain validate it. It is necessary, then, to associate the stories with these tracking confirmations and with that, a greater level of transparency is reached.

The assessments are carried out monthly, so your brand may be silver in one month, but the next month, go bronze, or vice versa. That’s why it’s important that you continue to show and be transparent about your ESG actions.

How we handle complaints

Complaints are made by users of the eumostro platform. Like any community, brand managers are expected to be clear about their role and importance when posting stories. Thus, seeking self-regulation, users are invited to make (anonymous) complaints about what was shown, if it does not correspond to an ESG action or if it contains inappropriate material. When this is done, the eumostro team checks it and, if found, the brand has its history removed and, by repeating what happened continuously, the account can be suspended.

There is always room for improvement

These criteria are under constant review, that is, the eumostro team will be able to change them as the understanding of the market and use of the platform takes place. It is important that changes are properly communicated.

If you have a suggestion or criticism, don’t hesitate to contact us, as it is important that this construction takes place with as many entities as possible.

Our contribution, as a technological platform, is to deliver to the market an innovation in the way of communicating actions related to environmental, social and corporate governance issues for brands. We want to simplify and bring brands closer to consumers around ESG for a fairer and more inclusive society.

We invite everyone to contribute!!